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Troughed Belt Conveyor In Australia

Whether you need a trough conveyor or a flat belt conveyor, we at HUD Solutions bring a broad range of materials handling systems along with other individual components. We assist our customers in finding compatible solutions according to their workspace’s unique requirements.

With a strong focus on customer services and innovation, we are fully committed to providing the best solutions that reflect the highest quality standards of our business. We identify and assess the application to select suitable equipment as per your workspace environmental conditions and required efficiency.


Our range of trough belt conveyors and belt conveyor system is specifically designed to help you manage bulk materials. The belt is troughed with rollers. If you have any loose materials for conveying, our conveyors can easily convey single span distances up to 50m while keeping spillage to a minimum.


hudsolutions - conveyorbelt1.jpg

  • Mild steel construction 

  • Modular construction reduces costs and simplifies installation

  • Powder coated with options for galvanising or painted to your paint specification

  • Can be horizontal or inclined with options for chevron belts for steeper inclines

  • Belt conveyors are available in three belt widths, 350mm, 450mm and 600mm wide.

  • The lengths available are from 4.0m to 50m.

  • The system is fully modular so the lengths can easily be changed.

  • The conveyors are suitable for any tonnage under 100tph.


If you’re searching for a safer way to move bulk materials, our trough belt conveyor effectively reduces overall downtime and maintenance costs.


We believe that trough conveyors are a foundation of mining, construction materials, minerals processing, agricultural operations and many more. They provide the user with a safe and reliable method to transport materials. Our trough conveyor and sancon conveyors systems are highly economical and flexible. You can benefit from the high efficiency of these devices and simplify your production and manufacturing processes.


HUD Solutions works with Sanwest and Steinert Australia with the key objective to continuously improve and update our product line and ensure the long-term success of our clients. Our innovative and genuine products allow us to supply our customers with precise, tailored solutions that best fit their exact requirements.


For more information on our trough conveyor product line, please call 0488 199 079 or e-mail us at tom@hudsolutions.com.au today. If you have any doubts or questions related to our product systems, speak to our experts.


Trough belt conveyor are primarily used to transport materials in bulk quantity through a conveyor frame, belt, pulley and rollers. The length of the conveyor can be customised according to the nature of your applications and on-site conditions.


The trough conveyors have the capacity to contain light to medium loads of materials. From mining and minerals processing to fertiliser and fire wood, the conveyor improves efficiency rates and transports materials by conveying horizontally or at the desired incline angle.


hudsolutions - conveyorbelt2.jpg
  • Need very little maintenance

  • Highly efficient and time-saving

  • Offers resistance-free conveying

  • Extreme operational reliability

HUD Solutions prides itself in providing innovative solutions to clients while meeting their equipment needs. We are backed with years of experience in offering easy to use and operate equipment for all your processing needs.

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