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Coal Belt Conveyor For Sale In Australia

HUD Solutions is the home to modular and durable coal conveyor equipment for sub 100tph applications. We know that there are power plants and facilities that require innovative coal handling solutions to get the job done and our modular conveyors are ideal for smaller streams like the sampling station. Through our coal conveyor products, we are offering our customers a more safe and reliable way of transporting coal in bulk over distances of 50m in a single span.

Our coal belt conveyor equipment can reduce operation costs and save you time and manpower.


Our modular coal conveyor when installed up to an inclination angle of 20 degrees can be used to transport up to 100 tons in an hour. This unique conveyor system is designed for smaller capacities like sampling plants, pilot plants or special projects.

If you’re searching for an optimum small scale coal conveyor for sale and belt conveyor for sale, HUD Solutions can help. We have many years of experience and have worked with hundreds of processing and manufacturing facilities. We are fully committed to supplying quality products to our clients. You can entrust us to provide you with a suitable coal belt conveyor system.

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Coal Belt Conveyor

For HUD Solutions, one of the most important aspects is the focus on our customer’s needs and analysing their onsite conveying requirements. Here are a few major advantages of our coal belt conveyor systems:

  • Cost-effective way to transfer coal

  • Minimal repairs and maintenance

  • Less power consumption

Whether you need bulk conveying or magnetic separation systems, you can discover various types of equipment at HUD Solutions. We combine innovative technology to help optimise coal mining and processing operations efficiently and safely.


Our coal belt conveyors have been recognised as Australia’s most reliable, durable and cost effective materials handling equipment for small capacity streams. They are easy to integrate and can be used in a variety of industrial settings for mills, quarries and other industries that heavily rely on transporting bulk materials.


Coal Conveyor

At HUD Solutions, we extensively work to add innovative and improved products to our line. We make sure to deliver accurate and precise material-handling solutions according to our customer’s expectations.

Each coal conveyor is constructed under the highest quality control conditions. The conveyors absorb high impact energy and withstand temperature and chemical effects. Their tensile strength is what makes them your perfect companion when it comes to loading and unloading loads up to 100tph.

Don’t wait to add our reliable coal belt conveyor to your unit now.

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