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Brick Conveyor For Sale Australia

Find a reliable brick conveyor for sale at HUD Solutions. We specialise in supplying high-quality modular conveyors that allow us to offer material handling solutions to numerous industries across Australia.

Our conveyors can move sand and bricks even in areas that have relatively narrow access.

Here is why you should invest in our brick conveyor systems:

  • Compact design

  • Easy loading and unloading

  • Can handle up to 100 tonnes per hour of material

  • Reduction in power consumption

  • Offers long-term results

  • Emits low noise

  • Modular design allows for:

                        1. Easy assembly (conveyors are mostly assembled and require minimum assembly on site)

                        2. Easy installation

                        3. Simple length adjustment by purchasing or removing relevant modules

HUD Solutions has years of combined experience in the industry. We have had the privilege to work on a multitude of conveying projects across various industries including mining, quarrying, demolition and construction. We work closely with each client to understand and identify their needs and provide them with appropriate brick conveyor solutions.

With full attention to detail, our prime focus has always been on supplying quality equipment; on time. This is why our customers count on us to get reliable and robust conveying solutions. We are fully equipped with the latest brick conveyor solutions that mitigate risks and damage to bricks and other materials. Whatever your project requirements are, we've got you covered.

Call us today to receive a free quote on one of our conveying equipment.


HUD Solutions’ modular belt conveyors are ideal for brick conveyor systems. Our range of products are known for their sturdy construction and superior quality finish.

The motorised brick conveyor belts can be used to elevate and carry bricks and tiles in and out of construction sites safely. Whether you are a builder or a roofer, our conveyors will make your life easy by streamlining the entire conveying process so that you can complete the majority of the on-site tasks as per the schedule.

The modular brick conveyor systems are developed for their ease of use. Their trouble-free performance is what makes them the ideal equipment for transporting and carrying bricks without the risk of disruptions or material damage.

Areas where manoeuvrability is often restricted can pose numerous challenges but our lightweight modular brick conveyor for sale makes your everyday work operations smooth.

Let HUD Solutions take care of all your conveying needs. Our staff is truly invested in adding optimal belt conveyors that deliver precise results every time. We have the experience and product knowledge required to deal with conveying challenges and issues that may arise at your workplace.

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