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Mining Belt Conveyor System For Sale

Selecting the right kind of conveyor can have a direct impact on your performance which is why we suggest our customers choose the best mining belt conveyor equipment to carry out their everyday onsite operations. Our conveying systems are not only flexible but offer an effective and reliable solution that works even under harsh conditions.

Our conveyors have been used by Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Fortesque Metals and many other mining companies but it must be stated that our conveyors are rarely used for production streams as they are only capable of:

  • Maximum 100tph

  • Maximum volume of 97m3/hr

  • Maximum 50m length in a single span


For this reason, they are predominantly used on mine sites in the sampling plant and for any other capacities under 100tph, like special projects or for pilot plants


  • Lesser prone to wear and tear

  • Energy efficient

  • Modular system for easy assembly and installation

  • Possible to lengthen or shorten at any time due to modular system


Our mining conveyor systems can be used to transport crushed ores. From mining to extraction, our conveyors are a practical choice for conveying over longer distances at maximum 50m spans and up to 100tph.




Operating and maintaining a mining truck can significantly increase the risk of accidents. Our mining conveyor system is much safer and secure than trucks. They can withstand extreme weather and loads up to 100tph.



At HUD Solutions, we can ensure you that our conveyors are much more efficient and are less prone to occasional mechanical breakdowns. Our mining conveyors run continuously and reduce overall downtime; this ensures that you can follow your regular schedule without any delays.



The best thing about our mining conveyor is that it can go anywhere. There is no need to clear out the roads, you can take the material to your facility at a faster rate.



Our mining belt conveyor requires less manpower and can be operated remotely.  They are also environmentally friendly. 


HUD Solutions and Sanwest have been providing reliable conveyor systems and equipment for over 30 years. We understand the various mining and quarrying challenges faced by mining industries that’s why we try to provide you with the best possible experience through our conveyor products.

Receive a conveyor quote today.

Browse our range of mining belt conveyors for sale online. For further information give us a call on 0488 199 079 or email tom@hudsolutions.com.au.

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