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Reinforced Iron Ore Belt Conveyor Systems in Australia

Iron ore is widely used in the iron and steel industries. The mining methods may differ, but they still need a dynamic range of iron ore conveyor systems and components to increase their production time and efficiency.

At HUD Solutions, we have a selection of iron ore belt conveyor and belt conveyor products directly sourced from Sanwest in Australia.


Our iron ore conveyors have been used by Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Fortesque Metals and many other iron ore mining companies but it must be stated that our conveyors are rarely used for production streams as they are only capable of:

  • Maximum 100tph

  • Maximum volume of 97m3/hr

  • Maximum 50m length in a single span

For this reason, our iron ore belt conveyors are predominantly used on mine sites in the sampling plant and for any other capacities under 100tph, like pilot plants or special projects.


Still wondering if our iron ore conveyor systems are worth the investment and effort? Let us shed some light on the many advantages and primary features of our conveyor belt solutions.

For smaller capacity streams our modular iron ore conveyor belts are ideally suited to your on-site needs. Our modular iron ore belt conveyors are easy to assemble, install and are significantly cheaper than bespoke engineered iron ore conveyor systems.  

We provide complete assistance to our customers for their iron ore conveyor systems across Australia and make sure our systems and products run smoothly. Through our innovative materials handling and sorting systems, we are here to support the mining industries in every way we can.


  • Ideal for tough applications

  • A range of belt options are available

  • Being modular, they share a lot of common parts, even across the different widths.

  • Easy to assemble and install

  • Suitable for heavy loads up to a maximum of 100tph

  • Significantly cheaper than bespoke engineered conveyors

  • All parts available ex-stock

Looking for a sub 100tph capacity iron ore belt conveyor? Reach out to us today via phone call on 0488 199 079 or email tom@hudsolutions.com.au.


We are familiar with different work environments and the challenges they can pose. We collaborate with our customers to understand the nature of their work and the specific requirements they have. Keeping that in mind, we work together with you in order to meet all the key and operational objectives.

For sampling plants and sub 100tph capacity transportation, choose our modular iron ore conveyor systems manufactured and designed in Japan and Australia. From product selection to installation, we will guide you throughout the process to make your workspace run seamlessly.


If you need any information about our conveyor systems, kindly reach out to us via phone call or e-mail.

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